13 January, 2019

Tottenham vs Man United 0 1 De Gea Memes

Tottenham vs Man United 0 1 De Gea Memes
De Gea saved 11 on target Shots from Tottenham footballers
Superman, Neo From Matrix, he is the super power goal keeper

Tottenham Manchester United 0-1

26 November, 2018

Diego Maradona no puedo pronunciar palabra alguna / Maradona Speachless

Maradona is left Speachless - literally !!!

Probabily has something to do with the team's town that has one of the biggest drug cartels in Mexico.

Maradona: "AAhhhhhAaahh... eeeehhhhhheeee"

16 November, 2018

SUTURI FULGER de Black Friday - Super oferta - 20 suturi GRATIS 0 lei

Suturi Efect si knuckleball de Black Friday la oferta! GRATIS!

08 November, 2018

04 October, 2018

STOP GENIAL cu mingea in skate parc - #invatafreestyle #AlexandruStan

O preluare smechera de la 50 m - FREESTYLE si la procedee fotbalistice ducand tehnica la un nivel superior!


17 September, 2018

Ronaldo Over Celebrating first goal for Juventus and DISGRACE dive

When your attitude damages every ounce of respet that You had !!

If he is the best, Ronaldo, then he should be more respectful and fairplay and stop these pathetic dives begging for penalties! Even now, Cristiano Ronaldo can't shake those horrible habits.
And what about that celebration for that first goal from the goal line... come on.. that was too much. 

It looked like Sassuolo kind of permitted Ronaldo to score, because HEY SERIE A, this marketing gold mine should get some in the net.


10 September, 2018

31 August, 2018

19 August, 2018

17 July, 2018

#invatafreestyle SKILL vines #3

#invatafreestyle SKILL vines #3

scheme incredibile cu mingea si executii uimitoare !