27 July, 2010

Ceva nou ce am invatat in ultimele luni de zile !

O chestie scurta dar geniala :))
Daca v-a facut orice impresie nu ezitati sa lasati un comentariu prin care sa o exprimati... de ex, ati mai vazut asa ceva vreodata in Romania? ati putea sa raspundeti la asta :)

16 July, 2010


Un clip facut acum vreo 2 ani de unul din cei mai buni freestyleri din lume, Jeon Kwon!
Spectaculozitatea si genialitatea miscarilor de sitdown din acest clip, sunt si astazi la un nivel pe care foarte putini freestyleri din lume il pot atinge !

06 July, 2010

INTERESANT! Maradona despre egoismul jucatorilor vedeta!

Iata ca iar postez despre fotbal, asta si ca sa-i oftic pe cretinii care pareau deranjati, sa zicem, de faptu' ca postez despre messi pe acest blog, adica ce vreau eu, pe blogul meu; da bah, ce tupeu pe mine... :) si nu uitati sa subscrieti in casuta dreapta-sus ! :)
Este un articol super interesant pe care l-am citit pe sports.yahoo.com :

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Soccer’s superstar players never materialized here at the World Cup. The game’s best – Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Wayne Rooney, etc. – often failed to lift their play and, in turn, their teams, to a level this grand stage demands.

The conventional wisdom on why: They were too selfish, unable to adapt to the team concept of a national squad.

Then there’s Diego Maradona’s take: Unlike the past, the stars weren’t selfish enough.
“Today the players are more collective, more team players,” the Argentina coach said after his own star-studded team was bounced from the World Cup. “They want to do everything with their teammates. It is a different type of game right now.”

This goes against so much of what we’ve come to believe, and expect, in sports. The reason that Uruguay and the Netherlands square off here Tuesday in a semifinal is because they embraced selfless, team-oriented play.

Such a mentality is celebrated.

What Maradona is suggesting is that this line of thinking has become so widespread it’s actually killed the star player, who no longer acts like a star player. Rather than demanding his place in the natural pecking order of pure talent and past performance, they sink back into the pack.

Such thinking would carry little weight except it is Maradona who said it. Who could know more about what’s needed for a talented player to morph into a larger-than-life superstar and dominate the World Cup? No one owned this event the way Maradona did in 1986 when he led Argentina to the title.

04 July, 2010

Fantastic! Din categoria "nu conteaza inaltimea..."

Pusti de vreo 13 ani din Ucraina - Kostya se numeste !
Poate multi nu isi dau seama cat de grele sunt miscarile pe care le face in acest clip(ma refer la NEfreestyleri) dar pentru nivelul asta ridicat de Lower-body-moves/airmoves, are o lejeritate incredibila in executie!
Pot sa spun destul de sigur pe aceasta afirmatie, ca ne cam da clasa noua, freestylerilor din Romania, la aceasta categorie a Freestyle-Football !
Sunt cativa la noi care ar trebui sa invete de la pustiu asta ce inseamna sa faci airmove tricks CORECT !

02 July, 2010

AL. invatafreestyle. Nou tutorial de freestyle football

Dupa cum am spus in clipurile anterioare, nu vor fi prea multe explicatii de acum incolo pentru ca deja schemele de baza sunt explicate, si celelalte care vor veni de acum inainte se invata plecand de la cele de baza; sunt miscari pe care deja le stiti de la tutorialele precedente.

Asadar, AMATW=alternative mitch around the world