16 February, 2009

YT error - solution that worked for me but with minor side effects

The already well known error on youtube: any vid you try to watch you get "we're sorry this video is no longer available" .. still this doesnt happen to everybody but to many in the world !!

the solution is hotspot shield this program makes some sort of a shadow to your IP and gets you another one, and so in my case using this program i was able to watch YT videos again.
However, there are always pop ups apearing on the screen each time you enter a new window on the net, and the internet seems to work at a lower speed than when the hotspotshield is not activated.
Also some wornings i have recieved regarding some of this pop ups related to virus problems.

Hope this works for you

Remember this is still a freestyle football blog, but im gonna discuss other things as well in here!


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